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Screw-It-Again Wood Anchors provide a perfect solution to repair previously stripped wood screw holes.

Once the wood fibers around the screw threads have torn away from either excessive use or too much weight being placed on the screw, it can be frustrating to repair the hole, usually requiring a replacement of the wood or panel itself.

Fixing the stripped screw hole in wood is easier than you might expect. There are a number of solutions for fixing a stripped screw hole but none are as great as the Screw-It-Again wood anchor.

Screw-It-Again Features

  • Threaded for perfect grip
  • Tapered so one anchor fixes multiple hole sizes with 1 anchor
  • Use existing screw and screw-it-again
  • Snap off anchor at desired length
  • All you need is a screwdriver

Screw It Again is the one and only wood anchor/fastener engineered to fix stripped screw holes in all types of wood, ​MDF, plywood and particle board in less than a minute. All you need is a basic screwdriver and you can Screw-It-Again in a few simple steps.

Screw-It-Again Anchors
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Screw-It-Again Anchors are available from Bunnings Warehouse

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