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First Alert

First Alert
Safety, Security
safety, fire safety, Security
Our Brands

First Alert

First Alert

First Alert is the most recognized and trusted brand in home safety and security products, helping protect what matters most to you and your family. We are a leading manufacturer of…

  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • fire extinguishing products
  • safes
  • security cameras
  • fencing
  • doors
  • window guards
  • and many other home safety products

First Alert Products

Anti-Theft Safes

Enjoy peace of mind by protecting valuables, documents, and treasured keepsakes from harm or theft with our First Alert brand fire resistant and waterproof safes. Choose from high quality steel or resin safes, chests, lock boxes and more.

The range of First Alert Anti-Theft Safes include features such as:

  • Programmable digital lock
  • Emergency override key access
  • 2 live door bolts
  • Pry resistant concealed hinges
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Five year limited warranty
First Alert Safe

Disaster Proof Safes

Robust and secure, the First Alert Waterproof Fire Safes offer

  • 1 hour fire protection to 1,700° F
  • Waterproof even when fully submerged
  • Protects electronic media: CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks, and external hard drives
  • Patented concealed hinges
  • Emergency override key access
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee

Cash and Security Boxes

Robust and secure, the First Alert Fire Chests offer

  • 30 minute fire protection to 1,550° F
  • Waterproof even if fully submerged
  • Protects electronic media: CD’s, DVD’s, memory sticks, and external hard drives
  • Clamping style lock with 2 keys
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee

Disaster Proof Chests

Robust and secure, the First Alert Cash and Security Boxes offer

  • Key lock with two keys included
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Color box
First Alert Waterproof Chest

Smoke and CO Detectors

First Alert branded products are highlighted by the industry’s most comprehensive line of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Our alarms are defined by their quality and reliability.

Choose from a wide selection of features and benefits to help you best protect what matters most.

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Frequently Asked Question

I have lost my override key, and need it to access my safe. Am I able to purchase a new one?

Yes, you are able to purchase a replacement, or extra key. Key replacements are $30, plus $5 express tracked shipping. Please see the below Replacement or Lost Keys section to fill out your details, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Why is my passcode flashing green when entered but the door is not opening?

Please try changing the batteries of your safe with a high quality alkaline battery. Often the unit is not able to draw enough power to support the locking mechanism and open, when it has low batteries. 

Why does my safe smell damp/mouldy, and the documents are damp/mouldy?

Please refer to the Moisture Warning section of your User Manual. These units are Waterproof and Fire Safe, therefor are extremely tightly sealed with no ventilation throughout the safe. Please place your valuables, and paper documents, in a tight sealed container and air the safe out for 20 minutes every two weeks to avoid this. 

Replacement or Lost Keys

If you have lost your safe override key, or would like to purchase extra, you are able to purchase replacements.

Please fill in the details below and we will be in contact with you shortly:

Full Name

Copy of receipt or driver’s license , either one is fine.

Contact Phone Number

Postal Address

Key Number

Model Number

Quantity of Keys

Please note: Key replacements are $30 each, and an additional charge of $5 for express tracked shipping

If you wish to proceed please email [email protected] with all these details- once we receive your email we will send you an invoice & you can either pay directly into the account details or give us a call to do payment over the phone.

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